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Astitva Life Saving & H.R.S India Pvt.Ltd. is a training organization which has specialization in life saving techniques, first aid and CPR.

India is a country which has got 7500 Kms. of coastal line and ample variety of aquatic environment like ponds, lakes, rivers , back waters etc. In last few years establishment of swimming pools is a very common facility in all the cities of India. As compared to the amount of water activities growing up all over the country, the safety and lifesaving facilities are very poor. As per the available statistical data it has been proved that India looses 4 to 5 lakhs human lives per year and the same number is reflected in case of road accidents.

In the country of 125 crores population, only less than 5% people know how to swim, rest of the population is dependent upon the hands of God for their lives. Vast economy of people residing around coastal line is dependent upon the tourism, one life lost due to negligence hampers total tourism of the particular area. In the view of this grave situation, bunch of people started thinking about the safety of India.

MES Community college was established by M.E. Society in 2009-2010 as a part of initiative on account of post Centenary Golden Jubilee of M.E. Society. The community college aims at conducting non-conventional courses for the young population deprived of advantages of job oriented courses in formal education. The courses could lead to certificates, diplomas and degrees of the autonomous institution conducted by M.E. Society. Flexibility and increasing employability of rural and urban population will be a special feature of the courses. Distance mode, vocational, part-time and evening courses will give opportunity to several citizens who could not fulfill their aspiration of completing formal education. Those who are taking formal education would also be benefited by the skill oriented value addition courses of the Community college.